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Google Creates Online Latino Culture Exhibit

Google Creates Online Latino Culture Exhibit

In honor of Hispanic heritage moth google just released a collection if Us Latino art, culture, and history collection. This exhibit is titled “Google Arts & Culture:Latino Cultures in the US”. The collection honors Latinidad and the diversity that is exhibited throughout Latin-America. Some parts of the collection explore Latino experiences in 20th Century America. It also showcases Mexican California from 1769-1835. ¬†History that highlights famous Chicano activists and Hispanic figures of today. For example, Dolores Huerta and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

The exhibition has pictures from the National Mexican Museum of Art in Chicago. These digital collections obtain narratives, stories and exhibitions. Around 50 partner Institutions participated in this massive digital collection.

In total there are 4,3000 archives and artworks. Also, there are 90 multi-media exhibits in both Spanish and English. Virtual tours of culturally significant locations such as the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago and the Calle Ocho Domino Park in Little Havana, Miami, Florida are also exhibited.

Image: Google Latino Cultures US 1


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