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Foods from Venezuela

The foods from Venezuela are very delicious. One of it’s most famous dishes is ‘Las Arepas’. Arepas are an usual dish in Venezuela. They are eaten either baked, grilled, or fried;  also eaten as a replacement for bread. It is made from corn , and you can add a filling of a variety of cheese and meat. Another important dish is the Hallaca. The Hallaca cuisine is important to the Venezuelan culture. This is generally made during the Christmas season. It’s a process that involves the whole family for its process. Neighbors are always willing to share. It involves the family forming a line starting with the filling of beef, pork, capers, raisins and olives that are then wrapped in cornmeal dough and then bound with banana leaves. Hallalcas are then saved in the refrigerator and eaten during the month of December.

Pabellon Criollo is also considered one of the famous dishes in Venezuela. It’s a dish served with white rice, black beans, and either fried eggs or fried plantain slices. It also includes shredded beef. Tequenos are never absent in a Venezuelan party. Tequenos are made out of dough filled with cheese that melts and is then fried.

Venezuela also has delicious desserts. Some of these desserts are besitos de coco,cannoli, dulce de leche, quesillo, dulce de lechoza. These desserts are delicious. One is able to enjoy them once finished with the delicious meal. Besitos de coco are Venezuelan cookies. They are half cookies and half coconut, they are known as Coconut Kisses. Dulce de Leche is found anywhere in South America. It is pretty much sweetened milk with caramel and some brown jam.

Venezuela  is one of the biggest exporter of Cacao, this is why a lot of food from Venezuela are base on cacao. Here is an example:


Quesillo, which is another famous dessert in Venezuela is a famous plate that has no cheese. It is made with egg yolks and sugar. Dulce de Lechoza. I hope this delicious meals make you want to go and visit Venezuela!


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