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Este, Ese, and Aquel Differences

Este, Ese, and Aquel: What are the differences?

Este, ese, and aquel

Este, Ese, and Aquel are demonstratives in the Spanish language are important to know, and they might be simpler than you think. Firstly, demonstratives exist to do exactly that, demonstrate. They are used to point things out and can also depend on distance. They’re basically “this” and “that”. However, in the Spanish language, we have 3.

Este/a- This

Ese and Aquel both mean”that”, but they are not interchangeable. We will discuss the differences.

Ese vs. Aquel

The main difference between these two is the distance that exists. “Ese” is used to point out something that is closer especially to the listener, while “aquel” is not closer neither speaker or listener. “Ese” is especially used when something is in the same room as the individuals. On the other hand, “aquel” is used for something outside of the individual’s environment.

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