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Different Spanish Greetings

Different Spanish Greetings

Spanish greetings

Learning a variety of Spanish greetings can add color to the conversation. Each Spanish greeting can match different situations. One greeting can be casual and the other one can be formal. While a handshake or a kiss on the cheek is enough, a greeting will be the first words of the conversation. Thus, a proper introduction should be the first function that a student learns.

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Spanish Greetings

Hola- Hello
Most common form of greeting and can be used in an informal and formal situation.

Que tál?- How are things?
While Que tal is less formal, it can be used in any situation (except business). It also starts out with a question , therefore it is recommended for catching up or casual conversation.

Buenas- Good
Since this greeting is shortened, it’s much more informal than the rest. Best for a casual situation between friends or family.

Bueno- Good
Bueno is also a casual Spanish greeting. However, Native speakers tend to use it over the phone (especially when answering a call).

Como estás?- How are you?
Important greeting in an Introduction.

Como esta?- How are you?
Contrary to the previous one, this one is much more formal. Recommended for elders, professors, or bosses.

Greeting  used all over Latin-America over the phone.

Como vas?- How are you going?
Spanish Greeting used to catch up with a friend, colleague, or family member.

Buenos dias- Good Morning
Buenas tardes- Good Afternoon
Buenas noches- Good Evening/Night
All are formal and appropriate for all conversations. However, they change depending on the time of day.

What is your favorite greeting? Which one have you heard the most? Comment below⇓


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