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Different Spanish Goodbyes

Different Spanish Goodbyes

How many Spanish goodbyes are there?

Spanish goodbyes

Spanish students will be able to properly end different conversations by learning Spanish goodbyes. Since each goodbye can match a different situation. For example, one goodbye can be addressed in a formal manner or casual  depending who is being spoken to. Keep in mind that a goodbye can be accompanied with wave or a handshake. However, a student must first learn the goodbyes in order to properly use social gestures.

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Spanish Goodbyes

Adios– Goodbye
Probably the most common form of goodbye. And can be used in both formal and casual conversation.

Hasta Luego– See you later
While this phrase isn’t completely formal, it can be used in a work setting. Usually used when the person will catch up later on.

Buenas Noches– Good Night
Possibly a good way to say goodbye at night. Also can be used before going to sleep.

Hasta mañana–  See you tomorrow
Most likely used for someone who will meet up or see each other the next day.

A much more casual and hip way of saying goodbye.

Nos vemos– We’ll see each other
An informal phrase for two people who will eventually meet up.

Hasta la vista-Until later
Besides being a famous phrase, it also serves as a goodbye for friend or acquaintance (not strangers)

Que tenga un buen día– Have a good day 
Polite and formal goodbye. Recommended usage would be at the end of letter.

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