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Delicious Mexican Food

Mexican food is delicious! It’s as simple as that. Latin American is known for its wide variety of delicacies and Mexico is a popular location for food tourism. The food is one of the many reasons travelers are eager to visit Mexico.

Mexican Food

Tamales, mole, pozole, menudo, tacos, burritos, and enchiladas are just a few examples of some of the delicious foods that one is able to enjoy at a Mexican Restaurant.

It is very traditional to eat chilaquiles for breakfast at a Mexican family house. Chilaquiles are fried red tortillas cut into squares and they usually have red or green spicy salsa topped with cheese and cream. They are usually served with refried beans. Huevos (eggs) are also a very traditional breakfast for Mexicans.

Another delicious and traditional Mexican food dish is enchiladas. Enchiladas are made with either corn or flour tortillas. They are filled with meat, beans, cheese or other fillings. Just like the chilaquiles, you pour the spicy sauce on top of the folded tortilla. Enchiladas are delicious and typical in any Mexican home.

Tamales are one of the most famous Mexican foods. During the Christmas season, tamales are plentiful. They are wrapped on corn husks or banana leaves. They are made of dough and inside filled with meats, cheese, fruits, vegetables,etc. The most famous tamales are the spicy ones; filled with meat and red or green salsa. But remember, in order to enjoy these delicious tamales, one must unwrap them.:D

Another traditional plate is the mole. Mole is very delicious and known all over the place in Mexico.  It is said that the best mole comes from Oaxaca and Puebla. Mole comes in many flavors and ingredients that include chili peppers. Mole is a very traditional plate served on special occasions.

Another famous Mexican dish is the pozole. Pozole is a delicious soup made either with chicken or pork, hominy. You let it cook and while it cooks the hominy expands. It is very delicious and once again if you want it spicy you can add guajillo and ancho chiles. You can make white, green or red pozole.

Of course one of the known Mexican foods are the tacos. Tacos are everywhere and we know that is one of our favorite Mexican food.  Tacos are made with tortillas and pretty much you can add anything inside from meat, pork, chicken, vegetables, etc. Tacos of course taste better with onions, cilantro, lettuce, tomato, avocado, salsa and even guacamole. Taco Tuesday is a must in the U.S.

As you can see Mexico has a lot of delicious foods. It is a tradition to eat together as a family and then stay and chat with the family. In Mexico, eating with the family is so important, that some business and local stores close during lunch and dinner hours so they can enjoy a meal with their family. If you ever go to Mexico, make sure you buy everything before meal time, since most stores will be close at that time.

guacamole y chips

Famous Mexican Drinks

We can’t leave Mexico without talking about the delicious margaritas. The margaritas is an authentic alcoholic drink, which includes tequila. Another famous drink is the michelada. Micheladas are very similar to Bloody Mary’s but spicier.  A michelada is a mixture of a beer of choice and tomato juice. You  add Chile  Tajin and sometimes Valentina to it and you’ll have a delicious alcoholic drink.

Another famous drink, but it’s non alcoholic is the famous horchata. It is rice water, and even thought it sounds weird it is delicious. It is made of rice, almonds, sesame seeds, water, cinnamon and other ingredients that make it taste delicious. Horchatas are everywhere and known for tasting so good.


These are only a few of Mexico’s delicious foods and drinks. To be able to expore more of its deliciousness we need to visit Mexico. Vamonos!! 😀

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