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Corporate Spanish Lessons

Corporate Spanish Lessons

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FREE 3-hour consultation –  Learn our teaching methodology and how we can accommodate you and your staff.

At the Latin American Language Center, we have designed Corporate Spanish lessons to help you better communicate with your staff and clients. We also offer a mobile classroom, so our Spanish teachers can be available onsite, to adapt around your business & employees schedules.

If you don’t have the budget for teachers on site, we also offer Spanish online courses packages.

The advantages and opportunities for your staff are:

Service includes

  • Transportation – We go to your location at no additional cost, therefore you save time and money, at no addition charge.
  • Free Immersion program – Latin American Center Inc. is not just a language school that offers Spanish lessons but also an Immersion program. The program includes trips locally and internationally (if desired). LALC organizes regular events that allows students to practice Spanish, enjoy Latin music, drink, dine and socialize in a Spanish atmosphere which is less stressful than a classroom. In addition, we offer online resources where your employees can practice with native speakers from other countries to interact. In all we have multiple platforms outside the classroom so each student can attend/use whichever they feel more comfortable with absolutely free.
  • Tailored Spanish Lessons – tailored Spanish lessons to meet the needs of your business, so that they can not only to become conversational but also with the vocabulary and conversation related to task in from of them.
  • Free education materials – To help cut clients cost we do not require you to purchase text books, or any learning materials of any kind!   The Latin American Language Center provides printed materials, digital materials, at no extra charge.
  • Learning Tools – projector and all necessary learning materials will be brought to the business in order to adequately teach on site.

Our mission is “To provide an affordable, efficient, and fun language learning experience.” We envision bringing people out of their comfort zone and increasing their sense of well-being by showing them how to open a door to communication without borders.

Founder’s background

I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina.Everything started at the age of 24 (in 2007) years when I met one of my best American friends in a boring Language Institute. We first met each other in the hallway of that Institute; she approached me with a nice smile and said that she wanted to learn Spanish. At that moment I started with my first student.

After I got my degree in Business Administration at the prestigious University of Buenos Aires, I realized my passion for teaching my language, organizing languages events and emerging people in my culture. Therefore, I took my certification certified from “International House (IH) Certificate for Teaching Spanish as a second or Foreign Language (IHC), an internationally valid certificate, issued by the international House World Organization Foundation (IHWO). I thought in Atlanta, US and Buenos Aires.
I have been teaching and building programs since 2007. When I moved to Chicago for personal reasons I started Latin American Language Center in order to share my culture and language, teach the methodologies that I applied to become bilingual in a foreign language. These latest methodologies to teach Spanish come from Europe and I included the immersion program. Now we serve to individuals and Corporations with their language needs.
Adults want to learn because of love, work, and personal growth. We serve corporations that have the need for a qualified, bilingual staff to increase their ROI.

We are always updating our teachers to the new trends to teach Spanish as a foreign language. Technology and Globalization are changing the ways of teaching Spanish, Portuguese or other languages. Even though using a printed books and not digital books in Spanish is a big business in the US still, we work with those ones that help us to become our students fluent, it doesn’t matter if it is the internet, a book or an international conference. The CEO and the teachers are trained internationally and by the official methodology that shares Spain and Latin America, which in the US teachers are not trained the same way because they haven’t lived for 27 years abroad.  We use content from Europe and Latin America which are much more qualified than any other editorial in the US.

Our tailored corporate Spanish lessons are targeted to your business’ needs. For example, whether it is general Spanish, financial terminology, engineering, or basic medical symptoms, we have or can design a program that works for you! We have worked with Minute & Outpatient Clinics, Fire Departments, restaurants and many corporations, to help them easily bridge the language gap between English & Spanish.