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Colombian economy in 2016

The Colombian economy in 2016 has been pretty stable compared to other countries in Latin America. The Colombian economy in 2016 is considered one of the four countries with the largest economy in Latin America. One of its biggest attractions in the economy is the Colombian coffee. For years, Colombian coffee has been Colombia’s key into forming the social economic structure of the country. The coffee grain is exported worldwide. The coffee in the Colombian economy in 2016 is the second worlds’ most important exporting product, after petroleum being the first. Petroleum makes almost half of Colombia’s exports.

Colombian exports

In the last couple of years, Colombian economy in 2016 has risen. This is because Colombia’s exports are a good business for Colombia. Columbia’s poverty level has decreased in the last decades. Columbia’s economy keeps blooming. In Colombia, the inflation rate is one of the lowest in Latin American.  Recently, Colombia has started exporting more cultural beauty and cosmetic exports. Colombia exporting, is making a good cultural exporting business for the economy. Colombia is a good country that does not have many debts. This is why it currently has free trade agreements with 15 countries and hoping to make it to 49, gaining to billion of customers worldwide.


Colombian Coffee beans

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