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Spanish grammar – Conditional simple

Another Spanish grammar tip for today would be the conditional. The conditional is very simple except for the irregular verbs. All the verbs are analyzed by stem and an ending, right? For example, present tense of Cantar. YO – Root> Cant / Ending > o In this […]

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Spanish Reflexive verbs

Spanish Reflexive verbs are called that way because nobody else can do them for you. Also, as you probably know all the verbs in Spanish in infinitive end in ar, er or ir except for the Reflexive verbs that end is “se”.  For example bañarse (to bath […]

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The uses of the verb: “Tener”

Besides taking Spanish lessons is important to read different tips, besides speaking with native speakers which I cannot emphasize enough. Spanish grammar doesn’t translate exactly to the English grammar. For example: I am 33 years, but we have years “Tengo 33 años”. Also we have “hunger”, in […]

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Spanish grammar – Pronunciation of C

Ca, Co, Cu- Ce/Ci  Did you know that at first we learned how to speak a language and then grammar rules where created for that language? Spanish is a very phonetic language, therefore there are a lot of patterns and rules we should know in order for [...]Read more

Spanish Children books

Spanish children books are very useful for beginners in order to practice vocabulary. Here is a recommendation if you want  is called  “Buenas noches Luna”. Give it a try students!

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Salir in context

Salir- To go out The verb salir en espanol, means to go out, but also to get out of a place. For example, we use the verb ‘salir’ in context when saying: Voy a salir con mi amiga. / I am going out with my friend. You also use salir when […]

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The verb means “to do” or “to make”

he verb hacer in spanish is used in many different ways. The verb means “to do” or “to make”. It is used in many different ways and expressions in Spanish. Listed below will be a few examples when it is a correct way to use this verb. [...]Read more

Differences between “por and para”- Uses of for in Spanish

New Spanish learners have difficulties deciding whether to choose the prepositions “por” or “para” which means “for”and “to” in English. Below we will see when to use each in Spanish. “Para” is used to indicate destination, use of a purpose of a thing, a reason for doing […]

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Spanish conversation in Chicago!

  Spanish lessons, friends and conversation! Sunday, January 23rd 2016 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm   Las Palmas Restaurante Mexicano! 1835 W North Ave, Chicago, IL   Let’s speak Spanish this new year, starting Sunday 23rd. I encourage my students to enjoy the food, try this restaurant and practice what […]

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Learn Spanish event – I had to change venues

La sierra, the Ecuadorian place closed their doors! So I switched to one of the best Mexicang restaurants in Chicago. At least the pitcher of Margaritas is great. The even is still on Sunday 12, at 6 pm 2914 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60657 b/t Surf St & […]

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