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Why isn’t important too important the Spanish alphabet

For those who have been in my Spanish lessons, you could see why isn’t too important the Spanish alphabet if you are an adult, especially if your first language come from the occidental world.  The reason why isn’t too important the Spanish alphabet is because when you actually […]

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Practice Spanish at the National Mexican Museum of Art

Join us to practice Spanish at the National Mexican Museum of ArtPractice Spanish at the National Mexican Museum of Art. Elvia, from Mexico, will be your exclusive guide tour for this event. You can practice Spanish while learning about the Mexican art and a bit of history. […]

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How to use verbs in Spanish

It is very important to learn how to use the verbs in Spanish in a conversation. Please remember to study the grammar first. It doesn’t make sense to study a list of verbs in Spanish and you don’t know how they are conjugated and in what context […]

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Make a friend learn Spanish

When you are an adult you have to make a friend to learn Spanish. All my students are professionals and busy people, and I was too when I was learning English.  I was working in Argentina in a full-time job and was leaving work at 6 pm, […]

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Spanish past tense completely irregulars

Spanish past tense completely irregulars In the previous blog, we started seeing the past tense irregulars, which are were not completely irregulars, they only change the stem. The ones that change “o to u” in the third person singular and plural. The ones that change with this […]

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Spanish lunch in Pilsen

Elvia is from Mexico and she lives in Pilsen. This Spanish lunch in Pilsen will not be only able to practice what you saw in your Spanish lessons but also shop or pretend to shop in a neighborhood that speaks only Spanish. This Spanish lunch in Pilsen […]

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Spanish past tense irregulars

Spanish preterite irregulars In the previous article of Spanish past tense irregulars, I made a mistake and added present tense irregulars, therefore I am correcting it in here. The past tense irregulars are the ones where the stem changes or everything changes. Remember that the verbs are divided […]

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Spanis past tense

Let’s learn how to speak in the past with the Spanish past tense presentation online. We have seen in previous blogs Spanish present tense, progressive and how to introduce yourself. We have Spanish past verbs regulars and irregulars. The Spanish verb regulars do not change the stem […]

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Spanish movie

The Spanish movie we are going to watch in this Latino Film Festival is called “perros”. I am a fan of this Argentine Spanish movie. It has subtitles so you will be fine if you do not know Spanish but I really want my students to participate […]

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Advanced Spanish

In advanced Spanish you should be able to be at B1 level explained here . Advanced Spanish is between intermediate and fluent C1. The topics that you should learn in B1 is imperative, present subjunctive, past subjunctive, preterite imperfect vs perfect. I can start helping you applying […]

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