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7 Latin-American Customs & Habits

7 Latin-American Customs & Habits Students who want to immerse themselves in the Latino community must familiarize themselves with Spanish customs or habits. Keep in mind that some of these habits are very different ours. Therefore, reasoning behind it could be due to historical, religious, social, or […]

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Books for Spanish Enthusiasts

Spanish Books for Spanish Enthusiasts Do you love the Spanish language? Spanish books? Today, we will mention some of the most famous Spanish novels. Even the student that’s at an advanced will be challenged with these pieces of literatures. Full Article: Cien Años de Soledad   […]

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Films For Intermediate Students

Films For Intermediate Students For today we will review some Spanish films for intermediate students. When a student is intermediate, they must be out of their comfort zone. Therefore, we made a list for intermediate Spanish speakers that are nor as difficult as our list of Films […]

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5  Jobs that require Spanish Skills

5  Jobs that require Spanish Skills Why do so many jobs require Spanish skills? One of the main reasons is the Hispanic population growing. The United States Census report that the Latino population is over 55 million and continues to grow. Due to the changing demographics many […]

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5 Reasons Why People Should Learn Spanish

5 Reasons Why People Should Learn Spanish Why should people learn Spanish? Here are 5 reasons why you should! Increases Opportunities in the Job Market There has been an increase of employers preferring those who can speak fluent Spanish. Strategy + Business conducted a survey in 2013 […]

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Este, Ese, and Aquel Differences

Este, Ese, and Aquel: What are the differences? Este, Ese, and Aquel are demonstratives in the Spanish language are important to know, and they might be simpler than you think. Firstly, demonstratives exist to do exactly that, demonstrate. They are used to point things out and can […]

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Pilsen Fest 2017

Pilsen Fest 2017 Pilsen Fest is an event where music, art, and culture join together in Pilsen. Firstly, the festival will take place on Chicago on August 18 – 20, 2017, in the Pilsen neighborhood. Also, this outdoor festival will feature renowned musical acts drawing an attendance of […]

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Prepare For Spanish Immersion

How to prepare yourself for Spanish Immersion Once a student reaches a certain level of confidence, they might consider studying abroad. The best way to prepare for Spanish immersion is practicing communication skills. There are many benefits to Spanish immersion. It’s the best way to perfect Spanish […]

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Walking through a Spanish Museum

Walking through a Spanish Museum Going to a Spanish museum? We got you covered! Today for our Spanish Vocabulary, we will review words used at a Museum. Many decide to learn Spanish because they want to travel and visit Spanish speaking countries. One of the places you […]

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Cuba’s Rapid Cultural Change

Cuba’s Rapid Cultural Change For Spanish News we will review some cultural changes in Cuba after Fidel Castro’s death. There will be an English to Spanish translation. English  What is going on with Cuba’s cultural change? It’s been less than a year since Fidel Castro’s death. He […]

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