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Spanish for Travelers: The Airport

Spanish for Travelers: Useful Phrases and Vocabulary A Spanish airport can be a stress. But don’t worry. We got you covered! Walking through a Spanish city is one thing, but a Spanish airport is another. Despite the fun of traveling, there are many language barriers. Most of all, the difficulty […]

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Common Spanish Slang in Mexico City

Common Spanish Slang in Mexico City Walking though a Spanish Speaking City can be tough, its even tougher to understand the Spanish slang. Has telenovela immersion got you thinking? The more a student immerses themselves, they start to discover slang. Even though, in all of Latin-America people speak slang, in Mexico […]

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Spanish Fill in the Blanks: Future Tense

Spanish fill in the Blanks: Future Tense Need to practice the Spanish future tense? Seems like the best way to practice, is testing yourself. Formula ir + a + infinitive Ex: Yo voy a comer pollo y arroz. ⇒ I am going to eat chicken and rice. Practice: Future […]

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Spanish Grammar: Ser Fill in the Blanks

Spanish Grammar: Ser Fill in the Blanks Fill in the correct conjugation. However, if you need a refresher click on our link that further explains ser. Ex: Mi mamá__________ una maestra.⇒ Mi mamá es una maestra. Nosotros ___________ Americanos y ellos _______________ Japoneses. Ella_________ una mujer muy exitosa. Nuestro […]

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Present Progressive Practice

Practice Present Progressive To practice the present progressive fill in the blanks.  But, remember the present progressive does have irregular verbs. The present progressive is further explained in our previous blog post⇒present progressive Exercises Therefore, for this exercise fill in the correct form of estar and conjugate […]

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Hispanic vs. Latino – What’s the difference?

Hispanic vs. Latino – What’s the difference? Hispanic vs. Latino, the big debate on terminology. Hispanic or Latino? And what’s the difference? In retrospect both terms can be interchangeable. However, there are minor differences between each term. Due to this, they’re still debates on the proper terminology in […]

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Bilingual Baby: Teach your Baby Spanish

Teach your Baby their First Spanish Words Bilingual Baby: Learning Spanish Raising a bilingual child can be difficult. However, with a bit of planning and dedication it’s very possible. While, a baby learning to speak in general is a challenge, there are a few ways to start […]

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Different Spanish Goodbyes

Different Spanish Goodbyes How many Spanish goodbyes are there? Spanish students will be able to properly end different conversations by learning Spanish goodbyes. Since each goodbye can match a different situation. For example, one goodbye can be addressed in a formal manner or casual  depending who is being spoken to. Keep in […]

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Different Spanish Greetings

Different Spanish Greetings Learning a variety of Spanish greetings can add color to the conversation. Each Spanish greeting can match different situations. One greeting can be casual and the other one can be formal. While a handshake or a kiss on the cheek is enough, a greeting […]

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Telenovela Immersion

Telenovela Immersion? Telenovela immersion? Sounds absurd, right? Rather than practicing with boring methods, telenovelas can be a fun option. While the LAL Center encourages practicing with a language partner, watching videos can  sharpen listening skills. Through telenovelas students would listen to Native speakers. This would also challenge them […]

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