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Bilingual Baby: Teach your Baby Spanish

Teach your Baby their First Spanish Words

Bilingual Baby: Learning Spanish

Raising a bilingual baby

Raising a bilingual child can be difficult. However, with a bit of planning and dedication it’s very possible. While, a baby learning to speak in general is a challenge, there are a few ways to start their bilingual journey. When a child learns more than one language they develop educational and cultural advantages. The benefits of bilingualism are endless. Here are a few of Spanish words that a baby can learn in their speech process. But remember, patience is key.

Firstly, Check our blog for more vocabulary.

Bilingual Baby: Vocabulary

The first word a baby could learn is Hola. When a baby is introduced to someone or wakes up in the morning, the parent could say Hola. Also, make sure to make gestures like waving, it helps!

Adios: Goodbye
When teaching Adios, the parent can also wave as they leave. Due to this the baby will learn that when leaving someone, Adios should be said. They will associate Goodbye to Adios.


While Hola is important, Mamá is even more special. A mom can consistently call themselves Mamá.

However, this can be done with Papá as well. So the baby will know the different names for mommy and daddy, parents can continue to refer themselves.

Nina is a common shortened version of Madrina, which means godmother. Madrina -> nina

 Each person should refer to themselves. Padrino-> Nino 

When picking up the baby, tell them Ven. If the baby is crawling away and you want them to come back, tell them ven.

Dame:Give me
If the parent takes something away from a baby say Dame. The baby will associate the action with the phrase.

If the baby wants their bottle, point and refer to it as Teta.

Pelota: Ball
When the baby is playing with their rattle or ball, refer to it as a Pelota.

Social gestures are crucial. While saying yes nod yes.

No: No/Do not
Even though they are the spelled the same, the no in Spanish is a bit sharper. Nod no when saying it.

If the baby wants more food or milk, ask them mas? and offer them more. By actions they will associate more with mas. This is much less direct than the other words, therefore it might take more time to learn.


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