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Advanced Spanish

In advanced Spanish you should be able to be at B1 level explained here . Advanced Spanish is between intermediate and fluent C1. The topics that you should learn in B1 is imperative, present subjunctive, past subjunctive, preterite imperfect vs perfect. I can start helping you applying the imperative or imperativo. The Spanish imperative is not only used for orders, it is also used for suggestions, advice, instructions, etc.

First let’s see the grammar:

In the imperative exists the affirmative imperative and the negative one. In the affirmative imperative with the infinitive verbs that end ia “ar”, you have to take the “s” from the present tense it “tú”. Tú hablas in present tense, “tú habla” in imperative. Can you see that in the imperative negative the a changes to e but you keep the s. Tú hablas in present tense, tú no hables in the imperative. The rest usted, nosotros, ustedes always changes a to e from the present tense conjugation.

The Spanish imperative affirmative with verbs in infinitive “er”, you also take out the s. Tú comes, and in the imperative tú come. In the negative acts the opposite way, it changes e to a. Tú comes, tú no comas. The rest will happen with the affirmative and negative. Usted coma or no comas, ustedes coman or no coman.

The Spanish imperative affirmative with verbs in infinitive “irr”, you also take out the s. Tú vives, tú vive in the imperative. The rest will be: usted vive, usted viva. Change the e to a as well. Except for nosotros vivimos, nosotros vivamos in the affirmative and negative.

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