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Practice Spanish at the National Mexican Museum of Art

National Mexican Museum of Art

Practice at our Spanish Conversation Event, we are meeting at the National Mexican Museum of Art. We will meet on August 27th at 2:oo pm.

We will have the opportunity to practice our Spanish by talking as a groups. At the Museum we can talk about our the pieces at the museum. As a group we can discuss and talk about our surrounding at the Museum. There will be much to talk about in the Museum. Afterwards we will order our food in Spanish and enjoy delicious Mexican food. We will also have the opportunity to buy in Spanish from a store. Then we will order our food in Spanish . This is a great event for a larger crowd, you’re welcome to invite friends, family, or simply anyone who wants to learn Spanish language.

Besides Conversation classes, here are 10 ways to practice Spanish.

The event will be hosted by Elvia, a teacher at the Latin American Language Center.

The Latin American Language Center provides conversation events for students and Spanish learners to improve their Spanish. The Language Center creates two events per month in order to have conversational events. This helps students practice with both Native speakers and Spanish learners.

Spanish Conversation Event

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