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10 Spanish Films for Advanced Students

10 Spanish Films for Advanced Students

Spanish films for every Advanced Spanish learner.

Advanced students should aim to immerse themselves with Spanish native speakers. At the Latin-American language center: Beginners are in their comfort zone, Intermediates are out of their comfort zone, while, Advanced students speak with ease (no need to translate in their head). At this stage, Advanced students should further study Spanish philosophy, idiomatic expressions, speech, and slang. Here are out top 10 Spanish films from Spain and Latin-America for Advanced Students to practice.

  1. Voces Inocentes

    This film follows Chava, a young boy living through the Civil war in El Salvador. This is great for Advanced students to further their critical thinking skills. The film explores political and social issues. Students will also listen to unconventional speech patterns from rural El Salvador.

  2. Laberinto del Fauno

    A war-drama where fantasy and reality co-exist with one another. This is the story of Ofelia, a little girl who uses her imagination to escape her violent reality. Advanced students will be able to challenge themselves by distinguishing figurative language and idiomatic expressions.

  3. Como Agua para Chocolate

    A film of magical realism that follows the life of Tita in Mexico. Advanced students will watch complex family dynamics, Mexican traditions, and mythology. The Spanish in this film is much more poetic and will challenge any Advanced speaker.

  4. Volver

    Volver is a mystery film that delves into the spiritual realm of a Spanish family. The film is about a family in Madrid mourning the loss of their mother. The plot will have student on their toes, thus forcing them to pay attention for clues for the final reveal.

  5. 7 Soles

    A vérité style film that follows a group of Mexican people crossing the border. The themes in this film are relevant to today’s socioeconomic issues within the Mexican immigrant community. Advanced students will be able to challenge themselves with Mexican slang and other forms of speech.

  6. Narco Cultura

    Documentary film with risky themes of gruesome violence in Mexico. Documentary films such as this contain Advanced grammar. In addition, Advanced students will practice the conditional, compound tenses, and indirect speech.

  7. La lengua de las Mariposas

    A drama about surrounding a shy child from Spain who develops a father-son relationship with his professor. Then the film shifts into the Spanish civil war and tests their relationship. Thus, the shift in tenses will help you review the past participle and passive voice and other Advanced grammar.

  8. Y tu mamá también

    A classic film of two 17-year old boys that explore their sexual urges into adulthood. Similar to other films on our list, the themes of this film our complex and accompanied at times with dark humor.

  9. Amores Perros

    A bold film that intertwines the lives of three individuals at the scene of a car accident. Amores Perros will shift from different perspectives and will force viewers to closely listen to follow the narrative. 

  10. Sin Nombre

    Finally Sin Nombre, a film abouta young Honduran girl that dreams of better life. Her opportunity comes when she meets her estranged. This films combines themes that exist in all the films on the list: the American dream, poverty, family, and perseverance.

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